Bardot inspired

I found this editorial from Kurv Magazine to be gorgeous, definitely capturing the iconic Brigitte Bardot right down to the styling and the rich colors.

I'm lagging. To the max. I know. Being cameraless at this time is hardly motivating. I think you all can feel me on this. I've been on the grind between finishing up classes this week with finals, tons of baking, and attempting to plan a holiday party-ish thing. Oh and also, finally got myself a job at Ulta! Makeup, hair, and beauty products galore, it's just too good. ♥


Heidi said...

Love these photos! Gorgeous fashion! :)

Jamie said...

Yowza...these. pics. are. stunning!!


gee said...

i love these.
these are beautiful.
thanks for sharing.

boshi said...

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