Heard it through the grapevine

Not much to say today. I'm slacking, behind, and disliking this bi-polar weather and the fact that I can't wear my cozy cardigans yet, but aside from that, I love my dream catcher necklace. ♥
(shirt- alloy, jeans- truck, boots- f21, glasses- 80's purple)
 currently listening to: i heard it through the grapevine- creedence clearwater revival


Jamie said...

This weather is SO ANNOYING!! But I like that necklace too...so fun!


Raquel said...

I am hating the weather her too. I want to wear my knits!

Jen said...

ugh bipolar weather. it's getting me confused and making picking out outfits a million times harder!
i'm loving your sunglasses though as well as that dreamcatcher necklace :)

She is Sara said...

AH!! I love this, those boots ROCK! And your hair looks so cute, the necklace rocks too! Sorry it is so warm there, come visit the mitten! It's rainy and cold today :P

Abbey said...

That necklace is awesome, and I looove your boots. I have a boot obsession. (:

Dandelionkisses said...

Aw thank you for the comment :)
I am definitely loving the maxi dresses this year.
LOVE the dreamcatcher necklace, it's such a great addition to the outfit.


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