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You can finally really see the color of my hair for once! Yay for extremely early morning shots, aside from them being taken extremely early in the morning of course. Since I had no patience for doing my hair that early before class (a frequency of mine), I opted for some makeup, specifically this Just Bitten Lip Stain from Revlon in Gothic. It's truly a lovely color, and definitely helps avoid smudging. Oh the dreaded lipstick on teeth. Yes, none of that.

( dress- vintage from rock paper vintage, denim shirt- thrifted, shoes- vintage from little ocean annie on etsy)
Now I believe you dolls have seen this dress on me before, but I love it so so much! I adore the pin-up feel it has complimented with the earthy floral pattern. And I have to say, it's just wonderfully flattering. The oversized denim men's shirt is fantastic because it dresses it down so well.
currently listening to: i want you- kings of leon


She is Sara said...

I LOVE your hair! The color is relly pretty! Your bangs look really cute here too :) I love remixing items, this dress is perfect for styling many ways!

Rorie said...

Beautiful outfit & Beautiful hair!!!

Jamie said...

Your hair looks amazing and that dress is fantastic!!


Ashley said...

Whoa your hair looks so cool! I love when light shines through people hair and it casts a pretty color. Also, that dress looks banging and one of these days we need to do an oc blogger meet up and we can go to the lab!


kiss me quick said...

your so pretty and stylish ^^

xxx kissmequick

Cafe Fashionista said...

You look incredibly gorg, Theresa! I love, love, love that dress - and the button-down adds such a fun touch!! :)

Panda! said...

OMg, I love these photos.

Kasia_B said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! You are a gorgeous girl and I really like your denim blouse!


Bethany Struble said...

so gorgeous!


I love this look!

ps. I'm your newest follower! :D

mademoiselle xo
Imperfect Item

Kate said...

I like the mix of the pretty floral dress and the mens denim shirt, works really well x


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