Yogurt Styling

These pictures are sort of late, which explains why my friend Nicole is wearing a cardigan while the heat wave in Southern California is going on. Either way, I will introduce you, this is my little friend, Nicole. Isn't she cute? We made a stop at Yogurtland not to long ago to stuff our faces with creamy, cold deliciousness and enjoy some girl talk  to catch up!

One of the main topics of our conversation was- as her "stylist" as she refers to me- what she would be wearing for high school homecoming dance! Now, at this point she already had a dress from a previous event she went to, so I just worked off of that, but gave it a completely different look from her original plain black kitten heel pumps and long pearl necklaces, something far less typical and a bit more edgy (Not to say typical isn't cute).

homecoming '10
I'm also going to be doing her make up that day and decided on a smokey cat eye. I don't normally wear too much make up on the daily, but I was on a bit of a make up trip during the summer and the summer before and ended up learning a lot. So now I end up doing make up for dances, which is actually a lot of fun! On the on the other hand, I'm not that good with hair, but I was thinking a tousled up do. Any ideas to help a girl out? Let me know what you think! ♥

this is not a test- she & him 


Bethany Struble said...

A messy updo would be awesome.
like this

or this

and you could even put a little braid in it too

Rorie said...

Your friend is so cute and that yogurt looks delish. I agree I am into the side braid near where bangs would be and in a messy updo!!

Becca said...

Woo-hoo! Your yogurt is gorgeous somehow [how is yogurt gorgeous?? somehow this one is]. And...I don't know anything about styling. So don't ask :)

But. I like your site! Just clicked over from somewhere else and I love the layout- going to explore some more.

Also, HA. I like the tweet you posted about shameless self-promotion comments. Amen! Somebody has to say it :)

Have a lovely Friday, girl!

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

i love dressing my friends up. favorite hobby ever.

Anna G said...

That yogurt looks so yummy. But you friend would look nice with tousled curls. I've never done and up do for a friend. Also their are plenty of makeup tutorials on youtube. So don't worry.

Melis said...

hey i just noticed you commented on one of my blogs a whiiiile ago. :) follow me!

Panda! said...

Wow, lovely photos!!!!


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