xoxo, Gossip Girl Party

All the pictures and previews of the new season have been leaving me in awe! They have really outdone themselves with the wardrobe this time around, and even Chuck's character is going through a bit of a change with a much more casual look than we're used to, but equally as great. I'm terribly jealous of their lifestyle, but who isn't?
Just because you aren't able to accompany S and B along the gorgeous streets of Paris though, doesn't mean you can't act like it! Throw a last minute get together with your girls for the new season's premiere a la Paris tomorrow night! 

♥ Save the popcorn for movie night with the fam- tonight even your food is going to be parisian chic! Fondue au Chocolat, crepes, and creme brulee paired with your drinks of choice- wine to make it even more authentic, though not at all necessary. Mocktails- or real if you're up for it- and shirley temples served in elegant stemmed glasses. Uptown GG epitomized.
♥ Heels never felt so good than when sitting about with your girls. Leave the jeans for tomorrow morning's class, and slip into something Gossip Girl inspired-whether it be Jenny, Serena, or Blair!

Not enough time and Mondays just aren't a possibility- bookmark this and save it for the weekend and instead of just watching the dvr'ed episode, bring out your first season, second season, and third season  box sets for an entire marathon of fashion, drama, and of course, Chuck Bass. The fun in this idea is it can be maximized from a small get together marathon to an outstanding party fit for the Upper East Side. A round of Assassin just like at Nate's surprise party- sans scheming boyfriend stealer. I even had the idea with Erica from Cafe Fashionista to have a Southern Cali blogger meet up a la Gossip Girl following this idea, but who knows, it could happen. Let me know what you think, dolls.

Bonjour, darlings. ♥


maggeygrace said...

i'm watching this in 12 minutes! EEEEPPP!

Chuck and Blaire forever:)

you're SO right. Best fashion season yet. The clothes look so amazing.

joninel said...

wow...gossip girl is so fantastic!!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hi! =D Thanks for visiting my little blog. Yay to GG! I lurve their fashions. *sigh*

The Owl's Closet said...

The cast looks great, as always:) Having a gossip girl party is such a great idea!


SMASH said...

just wanted to say I really like your blog--from one orange county gal to another! :D


Louise said...

The fashion was epic tonight! Blair's first outfit was my favorite.

L'Amour et la Paix said...

Had to miss the premiere tonight because I was in class :[ BUT can't wait to see it!!!!! Thanks for your comment btw xo

Jessica said...

I definitely didn't watch the show as fabulously as this (with fab food and fashion), but I did watch the premier in my pjs! I was a little disappointed in the season opener, so I hope it gets better!

Jamie said...

I am so looking forward to the new season! These pics are great!! Fashion eye candy!!! LOVE!


Ashley said...

Cant wait to see this!


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