Sweetheart, bitter heart

Yesterday was a bit of a date day for Michael and I. 'Twas very fun, even though at one point in the day I went diving for my camera and tripod, as it nearly fell off a ledge. I sacrificed my knees for that thing when I can hardly get it to work! Oh, what I would do for a new camera. 
This picture was taken at the Newport Beach Back Bay Nature Preserve. It's one of the most gorgeous places you can find near this suburban hole. I will have to get more shots of it next time though, since my camera did not permit me to yesterday.
I'm wearing my new favorite dress that I just received from Rock Paper Vintage, which I can't help but keep revisiting! And I have to say, the boyfriend looked pretty spiffy himself! I mean, the red accent with the shoes, too good.

What's going on with you this weekend, sweets?

currently listening to: mushaboom- feist


Signe said...

Great picture of you two, looks romantic :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...you and Michael are so incredibly adorbs! This seriously looks like a picture straight out of a magazine - love!! :)

Jamie said...

You guys are adorable and that dress is AMAZING!



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