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Milk teeths, Bêtises de Styles, The Stylish Heart, Queen of Hearts, cuillère à absinthe, Amanda Bränström Öhman 
Satchels, tights, booties, oversized shirts- what's not to love about these lovely ladies's looks easing into the fall season. If only this heat wave would go away in Southern California so I could do the same!

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She is Sara said...

I adore all of these styles! Can I have their wardrobes please? lol

Theresa said...

I said the same thing! haha

SMASH said...

Oohh girl, thanks for including me!

AND ommggg at this weather right now! I left the house once for less than an hour and dearly regretted it. Hope you're staying cool!!

Anonymous said...

everybody featured here inspires me ever so much, the clothing worn is spectacular, always.

x .


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