The drought is over

Its been quite a while, hasn't it? Classes just started up this week again for me, and so has running, and of course blogging. I could go on about reasons why I took that short, unannounced break, but I'm just going to say I was having one of those points in my life completely drained of inspiration. Nevertheless, the drought is over, and I'm happy to be back.
(button-up- alloy,  blazer- forever 21, shorts- mhayati on etsy, belt- american apparel)
This is what I decided to wear my first day back to class. These shorts are my absolute favorite thing in my closet at the moment! I know you've heard me say this before, but I had been searching for the right pair of high-waisted cut-offs for the longest time, so finding these was nothing short of perfection. 

Life has been rather busy. Preparing myself for the school year, and finishing off the summer strong with friends, and of course my boyfriend. It was lovely while it lasted, but now it's time to get down to business again. 
Yesterday was actually my birthday, though it didn't feel like it for the most part, since I had school ALL day. After my night class though, I had a pleasant surprise when my boyfriend, Michael, and his family had a cake for me wishing me happy birthday. Too sweet of them.
Celebration of my birthday week will continue onto the weekend. I'm so excited for Saturday!

Have a wonderful, wonderful day, dolls! ♥
Let me know how you've been!

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erica marie said...

great outfit...I'm loving the shorts. Good luck in school this semester, I just started about two weeks ago so I know how crazy it can get...anyway glad you're back!

Jen said...

happy belated birthday theresa!!! have fun celebrating this weekend and don't get too crazy ;)

this is seriously the best first day of classes outfit i've seen. mine was pretty lame, i'm not gonna lie, haha.

Danielle Barbe said...

glad you found your inspiration again - i've been having droughts like that too. you look fabulous.

Signe said...

Lovely outfit and love the colors in these pictures, such a vinatge feel to them!


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