Production mode on a lazy day

I've set to have myself do work today, but it much rather feels like this:
This is a photo of my boy's dog by the way. When he isn't sleeping like usual, the fluff butt tends to have a bit of, what I like to call, little dog syndrome. He can be a bit psychotic, that one.

But alas, my day looks much more like this, full of sewing and accidental finger pricking. I told you dolls I would get this etsy shop started up one of these days, so here is my latest attempt of actually building up some products. 
One point of needed opinion though, as far as bow tie necklaces,would you rather it be on a longer chain, or shorter so that it can be worn around the collar much more like a regular bow tie?

Have a lovely day! ♥
currently listening to: mr. pitiful- matt costa


Meggstatus said...

Your pup is so precious. How could you say no to a face like that?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! I wish I had a pup. I beg and beg, yet my wish has yet to come true. Someday!

I hope you're able to kick yourself into productive mode today. I need to do the same. :P

Sara Lynn said...

Omg puppy!!!! I love!! Good luck with all the shop work, you will do fine :)


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