I fell for you jivin'

I have an obsession with trying on different looks and styles, especially my hair. Except about a bit over a year ago when I decided  to chop off my hair, I can't help but regret it a bit now that its in its "growing out" phase, which is why I dare not try a pixie cut, no matter how much I would love to. I'm far too indecisive for such a drastic change! So I have days where my imagination gets a bit ahead of me and I try to pull off some odd deceiving hair-do.
That said, I couldn't help but get a bit happy over being questioned, "Did you cut your hair??" a few times today! It was somewhat inspired by Janelle Monae, but in all honesty, I just use that excuse after. I wasn't sure what I was doing. I just went with it.
(tank- american apparel, shorts- hand-me-up? from younger stepsister, hat- uo, vest- thrifted)
 Also, I have to say, I seem to love this vest more every time I get around to wearing it!
And is it just me, or do the leaves in the background of this shot look like hearts? I think so.

Hope you find plenty of reasons to smile this week, dolls! ♥

currently listening to: why don't you do right?- peggy lee


Sam from Hundy and Undy said...

I love this look. The vest is perfect with it!


Los said...

You are hot!


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