Someone said true love was dead

It's been more than a week since my last outfit post, so I'm positive it was time for a new one. This is actually a dress I had said a while ago that I would get a better shot of one of these days. I just love the back of it especially.
(dress-unknown, scarf worn as belt- vintage, feather headpiece- LA, flats- Urban Outfitters)
I've been wanting to rant on about my love for these new flats I just bought from Urban Outfitters. I don't normally "love" flats, but my goodness, these are amazing! To the point where I have been contemplating over getting them in black as well. They are so adorable and comfortable, and the nude color goes with everything! 
Dolls, what's your opinion on buying something in more than one color because you love it so much? A bit overboard? Or simply necessary at times? ♥

currently listening to: tighten up- the black keys


Jonna said...

Love your dress! x

Butternut Squash said...

Love the look. Flat shoes are the only way to go. If you find something good, get it in every color.

Jolie said...

What a great dress! I would buy one in every color if I loved something so much! You can never have too much of a good thing! xoxo

Sara Lynn said...

Woot for cute flats and the black keys! I adore the dress, the blue looks perfect on you! :)

I tend to wear a lot of blue, I dhave no clue how it happens.

Meg said...

Super cute dress and those flats look super comfy and cute.

Liz said...

They are incredible flats. I bet they go with everything! I get things in two colors when they are affordable but good quality and I a classic cut. For example, my H&M sweaters, I stock up on those! Often times I regret not getting shoes basic colors, so I would get them especially since the neutrals would be so versatile!


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