Come on sugar, let me know

Summer for me has been busy, busy, busy, with very little play. Lounging around in brightly colored swimsuits with chilled popsicles to match sounds utterly delightful at the moment. But alas, I work today and the rest of the weekend, along with a heavy load of homework otherwise.
But there is some fantastic news I've just realized- Despising Life is so Passé officially has 100 lovely followers! I think that calls for a little giveaway very soon, sweets! Thank you all for reading! ♥

currently listening to: do ya think i'm sexy?- rod stewart


Sara Lynn said...

Congrats on 100! And also, awesome awesome song :D

Anonymous said...

hot chicks!

Jonna said...

Nice pictures!
Congrats on 10 followers :) x


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