Romantic notions in a cup.

Cheesy mugs brimming with hot tea to help with this lingering cough and a piece of toasted cinnamon raisin bread for just the right amount of sweetness in the morning. All that's left to be needed is a porch swing to sway on and gaze into the peaceful surroundings. Oh but wait, I'm in Southern California. Silly me, there is no such place like that around here. This deserves maybe a move out of state one day? Who knows. I might need it to fulfill all these romantic notions of mine.
This past week with my one year anniversary, I'll just say, things didn't exactly work out as planned. Though I have to say, Michael and I looked definitely spiffier than normal in our semi-dressed up attire. Sadly though, I didn't get a single picture! Quite honestly, if I had known how to do my hair and makeup that well during high school, all those dances would have worked out a whole lot better for me. But oh well, I think I may just have to recreate the look one of these days!
I haven't had much time for outfit photos either since I have to work and that requires me to wear all American Apparel, which doesn't make for too interesting of an outfit. Next week I will get back to that though.
Hope you dolls are all enjoying your weekends! ♥

Currently Listening to: Madeleine Peyroux - J'ai Deux Amours


Sara Lynn said...

You just described the perfect morning! This is why I want a porch so bad. sigh.

I agree about the makeup and hair, I sucked in HS. Now I can go in public. lol

Congrats on one year and the job, I can't wait to see more of your wonderful posts :)

Bella Luna said...

I love your pics! Black and white is a true love of mine!

Loves and feathers,


Jen said...

i adore tea bags with little sayings on the tag. :) i hope your cough goes away soon, get lots of rest!


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