An art walk, an art stroll

These pictures are actually from about a month ago, but I figured, they are still completely relevant. This first photo is of the Santora Art building in downtown Santa Ana. The architecture of the building and those surrounding it never seize to amaze me with their detail! 
At the time, I was there with a friend of mine for the art walk that goes on every first Saturday of the month. The art this time around was fantastic! My favorite being Laurie Lipton's Weapons of Mass Delusion exhibition, featuring her pencil on paper, black and white drawings. The main focus for this collection of hers was the loss of apathy in humanity and in the face of war, what is seen on television, and consumerism.
I wish I had been able to get more pictures that night that didn't end up blurry from my shaky hands! This one below really does not do the place justice, plus this was before most festivities were going on. The live music going on was magnificent as well! A band was playing right in the middle of this area some classic Johnny Cash and other great songs! I'll admit, I got super excited over this!
So yes, all of this made for a great time, and I would definitely recommend anyone in the area to stop by one day. All the people are often just so friendly and atmosphere is calm and fun all at once.
Have a wonderful week, dolls! ♥
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Sara Lynn said...

Finally I can comment! I know that these are a little blurry, but I can tell that you had a great time. I really love that first pic :)


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