Sweet Frills and Tea Time Treats of the Week ♥

The days are growing longer my dears, and the summer days are stirring anxious excitement in us all. The sweet summer scents and denim cutoffs, the lightly dripping popsicles sticky to our touch under the warm blue skies. The perfect atmosphere for a get together with the gals, alongside your favorite china and heart warming sweets. Check, check, and check to all the above, but whatever is to be worn to such a sophisticated little event? Of course, the necessities of dainty gloves, your most lady-like hat to sit atop your pretty locks, and vintage pumps all around. Enjoy the mid-day chatter and a macaron (I have sadly, not had to the chance to taste these little delights yet!) or two wearing a stunning, airy dress. Perfection to say the least. ♥


The Pink Tutu said...

What a cute little hat!

Sara Lynn said...

Hey girl awesome post!! I don't drink as much tea, (I am a coffee freak) but I love this, I want to go to a tea party now! :)

**I want that hat!

Kirstin said...

Hey, just wanted to comment because I'm a new reader/follower. Love your blog so far, an entry about tea and tea-related items, you won me over!

Cafe Fashionista said...

All. Of. It. Anything associated with tea parties or picnics is A-OK in my book. I absolutely adore your description of dripping popsicles - so perfect!! :)


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