Last night I actually had the time to just sit, then realized that I hadn't done an actual post since last Wednesday! There has just been far too much going on. Last week was my boyfriend's birthday week, and yes, I say week, because it truly was not limited to just that day. It was celebrated on Wednesday with his family, but also on Saturday, since I took the liberty of planning a little semi-successful surprise birthday deal for him. Semi because he wasn't fully surprised due to it not working out exactly as planned. Nothing extravagant, more of a bit of a get together. I had made cupcakes earlier that morning for it, but I was in such a rush I didn't get any shots of them in the making or after! That means I'll just have to make them again for you dolls. I also need to get you a better shot of this dress, because I love it!
But overall, it went well, consisting of the park, food, and tennis, and friends. Unfortunately, there weren't many pictures taken and the ones that were came out awfully blurry. These guys just wouldn't stay still!
Oh, and Thursday was my first day at work at American Apparel. All the people working there were super nice and very helpful. Honestly, a lot better than I expected. 
Hope you're all enjoying your Monday as much as a Monday can be enjoyed! ♥ 
Falling asleep on and off in class today, I know how difficult that can be.


Jen said...

happy birthday to your boyfriend! :) can't wait to see the full shot of your dress and i'm glad to hear you had fun!

and yay for your first day at AA going well. i've always wanted to work there but i'm scared to for some reason haha :P

Sara Lynn said...

happy birthday to the boy! I love the pics and congrats on AA!! What a fun job :)


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