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 I know this isn't much of an outfit picture, dolls, but more for the sake of the photo. I will have one up soon though!
Wednesday was a wonderful break from the week right in the middle. The only issue with doing things on Wednesdays though, is that you end up realizing you still have two more days until the weekend! Nevertheless, it was still great basically driving around with my friend Oscar, from a quick run through the mall, watching The Hills Have Eyes II, no matter how lame it was, then heading over to the lab, and lastly getting boba! Have I ever told you of my love for milk tea boba?  Ah, I think I'm craving it again! I really want to try the recipe for boba I came across on Quiet Like Horses one of these days!
If you have ever been to The Lab in Costa Mesa, you would agree with me when I say the atmosphere is fantastic, and just incredibly laid back. The architectural makeup and decor of it is just amazing! Its just a huge contrast from going to the mall earlier that day and being greeted by a guy working in Ralph Lauren who looked like he should have been sitting in a lush leather recliner smoking a pipe in front of a fireplace. No offense to him at all, actually, more power to him for achieving the look! Don't you ever get that feeling that you don't exactly belong somewhere though?
This little guy was roaming one of the shops there, and he was just so adorable! Even though I nearly tripped over the rope at one point, but that's just me being my clumsy self. 
Oh, and some other news to put me in such a feel good mood: I finally got my driver's license! I know I'm a bit late, in college and 18, but still, an achievement nonetheless!
I have some studying to finish off for my test tomorrow and then its Friday accompanied by a weekend full of lovely. ♥
Have a delightful weekend everyone! I'd love to hear of your plans!


Sara Lynn said...

That dog is too cute! This place looks awesome! I wish I could go there, i love finding new places to check out :)

Lilly Rose said...

Congratulation for your drivers license! I remember the hard work to get it :) The dog is so cute...I would like to pat his head!


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

That first photo truly is lovely! I love the atmosphere! So pretty.


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