An image of permanence on body, in mind

Numerous fashion addicts have been flocking to Chanel's recent temporary tattoo collection at the cost of $75.00. Though I cannot deny my liking for their designs, I'm left to wonder, what happened to the art and permanence of real tattoos? By no means I am I insisting on inking your life long dedication to Chanel on your skin, but something that's carefully well thought out and holds significance to you.
I have found that some look to tattoos as if they shed a negative light on a person, or aren't fit for a sophisticated doll, like much of your selves, but I beg to differ. A few amazing bloggers themselves take ownership to some ink of their own.
Erin from Calivintage epitomizes class and style in my eyes, and her very original tattoos only seem to add character to her image. She even goes into detail onto what each means to her, which you can see here.
 Marissa from Marissa Explains it All is another who's girliness and wonderful style are not hindered by her tattoo. Hers happens to be of a polaroid on her arm, due to her love for Polaroid pictures. Creative indeed.
 Julie from Orchid Gray is simply stunning with her creative and lovely looks, and in no way does her ink take away from that.
 With even examples to thrive on, there is no reason to go against whatever you may want, despite society's ideals. Whether it be a tattoo, a piercing, or simply a certain outfit lacking an element of conformism, its your life, your choice.
Its almost humorous that I'm going on about tattoos in such a way, when I don't even have one my own. One of these days, when I get the money, I will! Here's a basic idea for what I want for myself:

I would put up the drawing I have done for it, but my scanner doesn't seem to want to work. 
It's actually the quote from Shakespeare's Hamlet, "To thine own self be true," translated into Latin. I have contemplated over different variations of it though, including the entire verse, or having it in plain English. I have plenty of time to decide though. What do you all think?

Of course, let me know you opinion on tattoos, if you have any yourself, and if not, what are some ideas have if you do plan on getting  one? I would love to hear! ♥


Sara Lynn said...

how cool! I have always wanted to get a little heart on my toe like Mandy Moore, but I just never got around to it.

girlnextdoorfashion said...

I have to say, personally, I'm not really a fan of tattoos. Mainly because my mum hates them and she's instilled in me that they're trashy (not always, or often the case, but I know that's how she feels, and would feel if I got one) and I'm also so bloody indecisive I could never commit to something so permanent!!
But that one that you want is lovely. I love tattoos that have real meaning and are important. I wish I could commit to something like that.


kittycat said...

i love the idea of yours! definitely translated into latin!! i think.
and i don't have a tattoo, i'm way too indecisive to get one. but if i did i like the idea of an om symbol on my side.

MissDilemma said...

I love that quote. A friend of mine has it tattooed in English on her back but I much prefer it in Latin (though I may be a bit bias as I have a Latin tattoo).
I'm about to get my tenth tattoo and each one, no matter how big or small tells a story and I love that about tattoos. My favourite is a tiny one, but has so much meaning behind it that makes it precious to me.


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