In the nude; not naked

We all enjoy the freshness of the new season. In contrast to the blacks and grays of winter, what can feel more light than a breezy nude? A lovely lace dress to show off your figure in the most stunning way or some darling nude pumps to seemingly lengthen your legs. If you fear the option of going head to toe in nude, add some simple flair with a colorful scarf or dramatic jewelry. To jump colors so suddenly from one end of the spectrum to the other is not something every person can feel comfortable with right away. Throw on your favorite black leather jacket or light cardigan to ease yourself into the transition.


Ali said...

Ohh, these are all such wonderful things in that color! I have so badly wanted some nude shoes and a dress or shirt like that. :) Thanks so much for sharing.

Juliet said...

I adore nude and pale coloured clothing, it's so delicate and lovely :)

Jen said...

i love this post because i have been obsessed with nude for the past few months (unfortunately my closet is lacking nude shades). :( i'm loving these inspiration pictures though, especially the last one. i'm hoping she's barefoot, otherwise those are some ruined shoes on her feet! haha

Erin said...

<<big lover of nudes and nudity :)

Tanja said...

wow, the girl in the first photo (or, that's the second photo, but the first with a person on it) is really rocking this look!

girlnextdoorfashion said...

I love this. I love nude. I have two pairs of shoes, a jacket, a dress, a few tops, a bag and a few skirts in the colour.
it's so girly and feminine; i just adore it!!
i love the nude tights on the first picture!!




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