For the love of accessories: Giveaway

Like I promised, as I have reached 50 followers, I will be treating you dolls to a little giveaway.
I know I often go on how much I love detail and accessories, so I have decided to spread that love. For this giveaway, the winner will be receiving two adorable cocktail rings to bring a lovely touch to any outfit. I think I may just sneak in a little surprise for you as well. I can't help it, you guys are just too amazing!

To enter:
♥ Leave a comment on this post with your name and email by midnight PST on Monday, April 12th.
♥ Must be a follower with google friend connect.
♥ Tell me what your favorite accessory to wear is and your favorite dessert.

I will be announcing the winner on Tuesday, April 13th.
*Only open to U.S. and Canadian residents.

Best of luck to you :]


kristengilmore said...

My favorite accessory is my gold heart locket. My favorite dessert is cheesecake.

Daphne said...

My fave accessory is my hammered sterling silver ring.
My fave dessert is fudgesicles.

wecangowindowshopping said...

so cute!!
My favorite accessory is a gold locket neckalce and my favorite dessert is cheesecake!
xo Maya

Sara Lynn said...

my favorite piece is my engagement ring, it was my grandmas :) hrmm dessert? probably Cookie dough Ice Cream. :D

Kim said...

I am in love with these rings!!!
I am a follower!!!
My favorite accessory is my wedding ring! Other than that I love big chunky rings and earrings!
My favorite dessert is Tiramisu!!

kimberly.long at gmail dot com

Erin W. said...

Beautiful rings! My fav accessory is my President's ring from my sorority, and my fav dessert is cherry cheesecake...mmmm!


xo Erin W.

kimberley said...

my fav accesories are bows! and my fav dessert are brownies with ice cream!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ummm...so this is like the greatest giveaway EVER!

Erika - Cafe Fashionista - cafefashionista@yahoo.com

I'd follow you anywhere, my love!

My favorite accessory to wear is this HUGE insect cocktail ring I bought from GirlProps.com last year. It looks gorgeous - especially when worn with sundresses and shorts! Favorite dessert...cupcakes, of course - but only the frosting! :)

Tanja said...

Aw, this is awesome! And congratulations on reaching 50+ followers! :D

well, my favourite accessory is (aside from my bazillion scarves!) a pair of earrings I got when I was around 10 years old. My aunt came from Peru to Denmark, and she brought them for me. I still use them often, and I love them.

And my favourite dessert is fruit salad!


Jen said...

awww this is the cutest giveaway, both rings are too sweet. :)
my favorite accessories are definitely rings because they're not overwhelming. as for my favorite dessert, i'd have to go with italian ice. yum :)

you know i'm a follower :D
congrats on 50+!

nannceewinnn said...

I'm Nancy :)
My email is nannceewinn@yahoo.com
I follow you :)
My favorite accessories to wear are scarfs. I'm a collector x] I like simple desserts such as ice cream sundaes and parfaits, most definitely.
Those rings are too adorable :D

Vittoria said...

My name is Vittoria and my email is DolphinV27@aol.com

Love the next questions! My favorite accessories are the diamond stackable rings my boyfriend has given me over the years and my favorite dessert is a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie!

thanks xx

Sabrina said...

Hiii! Im Sabrina! Big fan of your page!
My e-mail is Sabrina.Nooruddin@gmail.com

My favorite accessories are scarves! Im really getting into the multiple uses of the handbag scarves (like Coach) and how they can double for a cute neck accessory!

My favorite dessert.. hmm ever had a Pazooki from BJ's? Its a giant freshly baked cookie cake topped with Vanilla ice cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup.. YUM!

DG said...

I follow as DG :)

My favorite accessory is this white gold bracelete I receive as a gift for my 16th birthday. I love red velvet cupcakes! :)



SAUCY | f. | BABY said...


I am now following you via Google Friend Connect. =]

My favorite accessory to wear is my HELLZ BELLZ x MISS WAX 2-Finger "Brawlin" Ring! I wear it everyday.

My fave dessert? Hmmm, that's a hard one. hehe. But I would have to say warm brownies w/ vanilla ice cream, caramel syrup & fudge on top! Very decadent & delicious!


xo Nicole

thaeter7 said...

I have gold heart earrings that I have had for over 25 years.

thaeter7 said...

Forgot the rest!
My favourite desert is icecream with maple syrup
I follow on google friends

Danielle said...

My favourite accessory that I wear everyday are my diamond studs that my boyfriend bought me for my first mother's day :) My favourite dessert is sex in a pan..Sooooo goood ;)

Danielle said...

I also follow on GFC :)

oudette said...

Bracelets and creme brule

Worldexpanded said...

Mikayla Pryor

I love the layered chain necklace I made. I only have it because I accidently broke it as the way it was originally so I decided to add more chains.

My favorite dessert...cheesecake!


BrooklynShoeBabe said...

rakisha dot white at gmail dot com

I follow via google connect.

my favorite accessories are shiny shoes or oversized earrings. my favorite dessert is frozen key lime pie.

Jules said...

My favorite accessory is a great statement ring! It's an easy way to add wow factor to any outfit! My favorite dessert is a Turtle Sundae! I love chocolate & Carmel sauce! It is sooo yummy! :D

Deb S said...

My favorite accessories are dog pins (I have over 700 see http://dogjewelrymuseum.com) and my favorite dessert is ice cream.

debs.contests (at) gmail dot com

MM said...

My favorite accessories are hats, particularly my little blue pillbox hat that I don't get to wear nearly enough! My favorite dessert is caramel custard; I think I'll have to make some tonight, now that I'm thinking of it!


Fabiola "Fab" said...

I'm mad about hats! Oh yeah cheese cake is what is for desert!!!


xo Shan said...

My favorite accessory is a great smile...
haha just kidding. Its probably my new Obey Navajo ring. And then that CUTE ram ring would put it to shame...

Oh yeah, you can't beat home made peppermint ice cream, unless, of course, it's with grandma's sugar cookies

check me out @ jeunessedoreeavecelan.blogspot.com !

ChiqueChic said...

my favorite accessory is my chain and leather bracelet. My favorite dessert is hot fudge brownies and ice cream! yum!


nightowl said...

I follow you on Google friend Connect.
My favortie accesory is a watch that my Mom had from the 1940's and she gave it to me.
My favorite dessert is tiramisu.

MarionG said...

Hi. I'm(Marion) a follower on GFC. My favorite accessory is a silver cuff bracelet from Thailand. My favorite dessert is angel food cake with whipped creme and strawberries.

409cope said...

I follow through google friend.Shari D cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com My favorite accessories to wear are my rings and I love maple walnut ice cream.

fashionfrugality said...

Following via google friend - ktkatherine.

I love to wear a simple ring - two silver stackable bands.

My favorite dessert is the S'MORE!

kkondek at gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I love this silver snowflake necklace that my children and husband picked out for me. It's from WalMart and i love it the most. This is a great giveaway.

Anonymous said...

I always want to buy my wife good jewellery but if we're both honest - she's loses something everysecond day. SHe prefers cheap stuff for this reason.

Anonymous said...

Sorry , my last comment I put my email wrong :

Vanessa S said...

My favorite accessory are my stud earrings and my favorite dessert is cheesecake.


Vanessa S said...

I follow on Google @Vanessa S


katia said...

i follow your blog!

my favourite accessory to wear are funky vintage rings and bracelets

my favourite dessert is strawberry cheesecake or chocolate chip cookies

Katrina said...

My favorite accessory to wear is my beautiful princess cut saphire engagement ring that my fiance picked out because blue is my favorite color! And my favorite dessert is a chocolate chip cookie.

Katrina Kalhil


Earrings are my favorite accessory! I love pazookies (halk baked cookie dough with ice cream on top) YUMMY

Anonymous said...

i would love to wear this!! my favorite accessory must be flowery rings/necklaces.

i like tiramisu, but i'm cool with any kind of chocoolate!



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