The underestimated accessory

Yesterday morning I made the major mistake of stepping outside the house in dark jeans and my combat boots, completely oblivious to the heat I would be battling in about an hour. To not encounter such an atrocious situation, I swapped for something far more weather appropriate. I'll admit, I felt a bit odd wearing a skirt again without tights. Something I will have to get used to with these warmer, Southern California days. I will say, I find it humorous every time I wear this skirt, since I managed to incorporate something I originally made for a Halloween costume into something I use in my every day wardrobe.
(Nirvana t-shirt- gift, floral skirt- handmade, hat- Urban Outfitters, belt- forever borrowed from my grandpa's closet, purse- Maxx New York)
I truly love this brown fedora of mine. I find it extremely versatile, which is contradictory to how I thought it might be when I first purchased it from Urban Outfitters. Now I actually wear it a lot! 
I have an ongoing love for hats in general. I feel that their contribution to an outfit is almost underestimated. I am lusting for a delightful, little boater hat, such as the wonderful vintage find that I have seen Erin from calivintage wearing. If I had the money right now, I would definitely jump on buying this little ruby red number from Modcloth!
If you're having this sudden desire for these hats as well, I would definitely check out Modcloth's vintage section or browse through Etsy sellers where you're likely to find a wide selection of darling vintage pieces to sit atop your head.

Oh, and I almost forgot! I actually made myself a tiny pill box hat that I will be posting up with the video tutorial later in the week.
QOTD: What's your favorite go to accessory?


Zoe_Flood said...

uhhhg yeah its been hot! what part of OC do you live in? I grew up in anahiem/gardengrove/westminister/HB/foutain valley (yeah all over hahaha)

your skirt is so cute! and I'm glad you liked the song! she is a long time friend of mine and she is so young and talented, shes kind of my muse in a way haha

Fashion Chalet said...

Great blog!

I'm inspired.

We like a lot of the same things.


Heather said...

I love your outfit! Grunge tee with the pretty floral skirt is brilliant.


Theresa said...

I live in the Costa Mesa area, basically right next to South Coast mall if you know where that is. I've lived in Anaheim and Orange though too. haha Why did you move so much??

And ah, she definitely is talented. :]

sarathira sukiman said...

you look so cute in that picture! Ive been looking for the perfect straw boater hat as well, will definitely let you know if i come across one :)

t said...

Very cute outfit! :)



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