1950's pin-up: Bettie Page

As many of us do, I go through stages, especially when it comes to inspiration. My main focus right now is the legendary, gorgeous pin-up icon, Bettie Page. Though Marilyn Monroe may be the favorite of many, Bettie is picture perfect to me. She exudes such natural beauty that is not common, especially in that smile of hers that makes you acknowledge she is just genuinely happy in front of the camera. And my goodness, who doesn't know those trademark bangs of hers?
Then again, I have been intrigued with the entire idea of the 1950's pin-up girl culture in general for quite some time. Maybe it's their undeniable glamor and poise, or their ability to make any man become weak in the knees. 
The 1950's were such a lovely era overall. I can't help but love to see it reflected in today's fashions.
QOTD:What's your favorite era?


Sobrina Tung said...

Great post! I love the girl in the yellow dress.

kirstyb said...

wow great pic choices x


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