Zac Posen for Target

I don't find myself to be much of a label follower in any sense, but I did come across this Zac Posen for Target collection in the U.S. that will be coming out around April 25th that I thought I would share with you all. These are just a few of the looks that I liked from the collection, though otherwise, I have to say I was not quite that impressed. I personally preferred the Rodarte collection, but that's just me.
What's your take on it?


Deborah said...

love this collection !!

Practical Princess said...

I think it's stylish! I'm happy Target gets these types of designers... when you don't' have a huge never ending budget, lines like this are great!

Jen said...

i definitely was more impressed with rodarte for target, but zac posen does have some amazing pieces. i'm really loving the way he styled a lot of his looks.

Ansley said...

they look so good! can't wait!

Sara Lynn said...

TYhe second one is my fave, I think. Lol I can't wait 'till these come out, I totally missed out on the last collection.

popdisorder said...


WM said...

hi hun! amazing collection!!!! love it! it have gorgeous outfits!



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