Lace head wrap

You can look at this post as a bit of a follow up to my mentioning of my new-found obsession with hair accessories. I actually followed through for once and did a little DIY.  A lace head wrap with a bow!
Since I am lacking a camera, I had to resort to my webcam camera. So, sorry for the poor quality in advance.
What I used:
  • lace
  • elastic band
  • matching thread

 I cut a small piece of the elastic band and measured out the length of the piece that i need since the lace wasn't already stretchy. I then sewed the ends of  the lace to the elastic band piece. From there I simple made a small band of the lace to cover the sewing and middle where the elastic was located. The tight fit of the band allowed me to slip a piece of the lace which I had sewed together on the ends, to create the bow.

This is how it came out:

 So there you go. :) I think I'm going to go make some other variations now. I like to think I'm not being too anti-productive since school hasn't started yet and still haven't been able to get a job.
Have a great day!


Sara Lynn said...

cute! Very creative, I shall have to try this!

Practical Princess said...

It's so pretty! You're so pretty! I love DIY accessories.

Jen said...

i never seem to follow through with my DIYs haha, i'm way too much of a lazy bum. this lace headwrap looks gorgeous though! i love how you added a bow. :)

Kristy said...

wow, cool DIY. it looks very pretty and delicate :)
by the way, thanks so much for leaving comment on my blog and tagging me for the blog award :D:D


fadetoblack said...

great DIY girl!
ill def be coming back to visit!

little miss Golden Flower said...

OMG, I literally loooove this headpiece! The lace, the bow. So chic.
Btw, I'm diggin' your blog and I'm gonna follow you, so come follow me too. ;D

Love, PK



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