What's your new years resolution?

I have personally given up on new years resolutions, as I never seem to follow through with them. I'm thinking that actually referring to them as "new years resolutions" has turned into a jinx. So I'm going to say I don't have any new years resolutions, but I do have plenty I want to accomplish this year.
Though I haven't expressed it much in my recent blog posts, I am big on running. I love to run. The reason why this detail of my life has not been expressed much is because I am injured and have been for months now. I have one of the more common injuries from running, chondromalacia, or runner's knee. A huge goal for myself is to to get back into it, despite my injury. I will run.

This is a picture of the last race I ran in. May 26, 2009 CIF Prelims. I'm determined to not let it be my last.

I guess you can say part of my sudden inspiration comes from watching Prefontaine last night. Incredible and inspirational movie. Steve Prefontaine is an inspiration in himself.

Enough of my running rambling, tell me, what are your new years resolutions (Or goals this year if you are afraid of jinxing it just as I am) ? :)


Jen said...

i always make resolutions and i rarely keep them. they're hard to remember! haha :)
and that's a lovely goal to get back into running. good luck :)
happy new year!

Sara Lynn said...

good luck on this goal!! I used to run CC in High School and I really miss it. I have a few goals for this year, and one of them is to meet new people. Probably my biggest one, oh and to not buy anymore books until I have read at least half of the ones I have lol. Keep us updated on this goal, it is a very good one. :)


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