oh for goodness sakes.

I'm sorry, but I feel this deserves a rant.
This world is so materialistic it's ridiculous. Coming from someone who loves fashion, I understand that this statement must sound contradictory, but high end clothing is not a necessity for my existence.
This is part of why I do not take a certain liking to my step father.
Today I came to visit my mother and she asked me to go with her to purchase a "small" Christmas gift for my 7-year-old brother's teacher. When arriving at the store, she is looking for a $30 Starbucks gift card. I, personally, found this amount excessive, so I voiced my opinion to her and asked maybe the $15 would be more appropriate. She agreed and went with that one. When getting home, my step dad instantly asks what she purchased. Showing him, he asks, "Only $15? You should have at least gotten 30 like I said." Me tending to be a bit outspoken, said, "So you're basically saying that the amount of a gift outweighs that matter of the work that he does?" He in turn makes a somewhat uncalled for remark by saying, "We are in Anaheim Hills here," basically retorting that "we are from a higher social standing here and your idea of a gift is so much lesser than mine."

I've grown up not the wealthiest of people in the world and have come to appreciate what it is that I have. I'm not saying that I am better than anyone, whether they are materialistic or not. We are all equal in any matter, though I wish some took realization to certain values.

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WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Just the thought itself should warrent appreciation, regardless of its worth. And while this maybe so of the teacher himself, your step father has not taken it as such, and has induced a self-consciousness in himself of worth and standing. Sometimes reason defies logic to such stubborness. Take care. Bye.

p.s we have had plenty of snow in England.


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