Yesterday was terribly uneventful. It basically consisted of me dragging around the house all day wrapped in a blanket because it is so darn cold in this house. My temporary lack of pants was also an issue concerning the chill, as I came unprepared to my mother's house. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a better day.  It should be, since I will hopefully get to see my boyfriend again after three days.
In the meantime, I decided to take these outfit photos, mainly to show my love for a few of the Christmas gifts I received.

It's almost sad to part with truly youthful years, as that goes along with the surprise of it all. Counting down the days to see just what is in those lovely wrapped boxes labeled with your name. Now it seems to have lost it's luster since I already know what I am getting beforehand. Oh, online wishlists. haha
Ah, but I won't complain. I love everything I received despite the lack of mystery. Especially my new combat boots! 

What was your favorite thing you received this Christmas? Link it or whatever. I would love to see. :)



Jen said...

ahhh i love your new combat boots. and i agree, i remember christmas was a lot more exciting when i was younger and i had no idea what was under the tree (and who brought it) haha :)

Ashley said...

i like your blog cool outfit

Theresa said...

Thank you both :)

Sara Lynn said...

cute outfit & cute CUTE boots!

I really like your blog! =]

Chelsea said...

great outfit, and I'm adoring that fedora. :)


JT said...

you outfit is amazing!
love the boots and fedora for sure!!

just found your blog, waaay cute! following yoU! ;)

p.s you and your boyfriend are so cuuute together!



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