today is gonna be a good day.

You know those long awaited events that you count down every second until, anticipating the great excitement that will come, only to result in disappointment of just how unexciting it turned out to be
Well that was quite far from the case for me today.
After two long months of aim and gone over minutes, I finally got to see my boyfriend. J In the midst of my daily makeup routine, my grandma called my name from downstairs. Finishing my quick mascara application, I was halfway down the stair when my grandma told me someone was here to see me. The door was ajar, and my heart knew what was coming next as it skipped a beat. I was so incredibly happy to see his face, to have him in my presence, to kiss him. It just feels so surreal that he is here.

Sadly, it only lasted so long, as I am now off again on the train to my three classes of the day, but my incredible weekend will continue when I get back.

I was also quite lucky that I woke up with a good hair day and not a horrendous bird’s nest atop my head, as if it knew this surprise visit was coming.

Oh, and my costume got finished yesterday. Thank goodness it turned out to be a success.
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