Get in the Mix! OC Fashion Bloggers Event

One of my favorite parts of the blogging world is the community and meeting so many wonderful people, via the computer screen. I have a tendency of finding myself stricken with a bit of envy whenever I see blogger meet-ups elsewhere. So when I got an invite to this event from Shout PR I was pretty excited! And you know what, the hype was lived up to and I had a great time!
I got to meet the lovely Beatrice from DearBeatrice, who was super sweet and had the greatest outfit around! I also got to hang with the incredibly cool Ashley from Milk Teeths, which was a great deal of fun! Thanks to her for putting so much of this event together!
And boy, did these girls have some great shoes on!
Did I mention food? Yes food, I will never, ever leave out food. The macarons from 'lette were delicious and these cute little cupcakes from Luscious Organic Desserts were spectacular! I honestly am not normally a fan of company made cupcakes, but these really changed my mind about that.
This here is Beatrice again with my wonderful friend PT who I brought with me as my +1. These ladies really made my night.
And yum. Just yum. Beatrice's mocha from Portola coffee looked and apparently tasted equally delicious. I'm definitely going to make a short trip back to this location just for that.
Just had to steal this picture from the Shout PR facebook. Loved it! Check out more pictures from the event on their facebook as well.
I ended up coming home, with some silly photobooth pictures, the greatest DIY peter pan collar that we had the chance to make and a fun little gift bag including this cute little sheepy. 
I had such a great time, thanks to all who put this event together. I really hope for there to be more like this! xx

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Jamie E. Anthony said...

Ooh nice pictures!! I don't think I got to meet you there though :(
Maybe at the next event?!


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