Need to do list

I love my blog and love my followers ever so much, so much  I don't feel that I am doing either of the two justice. I want to change such ridiculousness. 
Things I need to do with the blog:
- Start being more consistent again.
- Show more outings.
- Take more pictures.
- Create an organized schedule for my posts.
- Host a giveaway sooner than later.
- I have so many desserts I've made and taken pictures of, yet haven't posted them. This has to happen.
- Recognize more unknown music talents. Mainly local bands and such.
- Hopefully bring back Turn up the Tunes Tuesday!
- Finally get around to having a new featured blogger! (I blame it on my undying love for the lovely Elyse and her blog.)

So if I couldn't put it any simpler, I need to do more stuff.

photo via annakarina.org

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