How much is that dress in the window?

If I were given the opportunity to live in a store, this would be it. Anthropologie. I know, it's such a silly, impractical idea to live in a store, but the decor is beautiful and the clothing is just as amazing! I want my home to look like it while I wheel around on my cruiser in this adorable bike-printed dress. I mean, look at that print! 
I would take a break to sip my coffee out of a mug decorated with whimsical patterns only an imagination could stir up. Sip its warmth at the table I love so much, wrapped in sun rays pouring in through the broad window panes. The cool wood floors comforting the pads of my feet.
Dreamy dreamy dreams.
But since I couldn't afford the pretty bicycle dress in the window, I settled for these pretties. The first one from Urban Outfitters, the second from H&M, and the last from ASOS.

Have a wonderful week, you dashing people, you! xx

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