Balboa Bananas

The last of my summer was spent taking advantage of the lovely weather and friends that hadn't left yet away to school. I took a trip with two of my closest friends, Ben and Nicole down to Balboa in Newport Beach. It's such a nice, relaxing place right by the ocean. There's also so many interesting shops and boutiques! I wanted so badly to take a picture of the inside of one in particular, but was quickly directed attention towards the signs along the walls that noted there was no photography. Somehow I missed them all. Somehow. I know there's such a thing as selective hearing. I feel like this applies to my sight sometimes as well.
On another note, I've officially started up classes this week! I'm not completely sure how to feel about this, a bit indifferent at the moment. Soon to turn to dread as soon as the work starts piling in of course. 

Hope all of you have had a great start off to your week! ♥

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