“This project began from the theory that humans are made of cosmic matter as a result of a stars death. I created imagery that showcased this cosmic birth through the use of dust and reflective confetti to create galaxies. The models organic bodily expressions as they are frozen in time between the particles suggest their celestial creation. In addition, space and time is heightened by the use of three-dimensional animated gifs. Their movement serves as a visual metaphor to the spatial link we share with stars as well as their separateness through time.” – Ignacio Torres
I thought the whole of this project was beyond brilliant, not only in the imagery itself, but in the way it is portrayed and what exactly Torres wanted to express. Sure, the concept may be deemed a bit controversial in respects to people's views on creation, but to an extent, I believe that even then, one can appreciate this for it's creative matter. 
You can see the rest of Torres's work for this project here

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