False alarm

Okay guys, so, I should apologize for the confusion and alarm and false excitement in advance.These photos are recent, and thus, would mean my hair is not really pink. Le sigh. Though in all honesty, I kind of wish it was! So yes, it was a wig. The idea of wearing a wig probably would never have occurred to me if it weren't for the lovely Miss Kaelah from Little Chief Honeybee. That girl is brilliant and has honestly influenced me in such a positive way! She's definitely given me the courage to be true to myself and love myself even more.
For example, a few months back I would have never, ever considered wearing a wig. And do you know what I did the day I got that pink wig? Other than send some of you into a bit of shock, I actually wore it out to a cafe with my friend, Brenda. I got plenty of odd stares, sure, but I felt confident regardless. That's the only way to pull anything off, with your head held high!
(dress- vintage, peep toes- urban outfitters)

And loving myself more goes even beyond just having more confidence, but my body as well. I have always been very self-conscious about my body. I never completely liked it. I would sit and think and pick at every little flaw. I hated my curves. I despised the fact that I just couldn't be super tiny like all the fashion models out there no matter how hard I tried. But as cheesy as this may sound, after getting involved in this lovely blogging community more, I have learned to love my body and be proud of it. There's so many variations of beautiful people, it's endless! And I absolutely love that.
 Have yourselves an absolutely wonderful weekend, loves! ♥
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