Ups and downs

Hello everyone! Excuse my horrid blogging habits. There's been so much going on! Good and bad, hence the post title. Papers due, finals coming up, MY CAR BREAKING DOWN. Yes, unfortunately, though I knew it would happen eventually, it happened much sooner than I thought it would.
  (button up- f21, skirt- vintage from persnickety vintage on Etsy)
 BUT, things were made significantly better because I got to see my wonderful friend, Brenda, since she's back from Cornell for the summer. It had been far too long! We headed over to the Gypsy Den for lunch because that used to be "our thing" and did a whole lot of catching up. And some feasting on a bomb quesadilla to accompany the much needed catching up! I definitely missed her company! We're already starting on a bucket list full of things to do for the summer! Also, excuse my excessive use of exclamation points, I'm just that excited!
  How I could be so ecstatic when there's so many things that should be stressing me out at the moment, I'm not quite sure. I suppose the smallest things really just make me happy. For example this new mint green nail polish I picked up from Urban Outfitters today. That made me quite happy. haha
You know what else makes me happy? This skirt. It's vibrant colors put me in such a good mood and I have to mention that these long skirts have to be just about the most comfortable thing ever! And equally pretty, I don't know why it never occurred to me to wear them before. Actually, no I'd be lying if I said that. Freshman year of high school I was obsessed with all those super long boho skirts. Only one in the school of course, but I guess you can say I've always enjoyed my individuality. Plus they covered up the horrible mess of bandages and gauze around my leg for a couple months. Definitely a plus.

 And here's just a few photos I took earlier in the day at The Lab and The Camp in Costa Mesa. The decorating is truly inspiring! Definitely going to take up some of these ideas for when I'm putting together my own place.
Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend! ♥

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