Summersun and victory rolls

 Finally! Summer is officially here as I finished up my last final this morning. Of course, summer classes will be starting up in a few weeks, but honestly, I won't even be bothering my head to think about that until the day of! 
 Today was actually the first time I've truly done my hair in a such a long time! I had time for once after my psychology final earlier in the morning, so I figured why not go all out with a retro hairstyle and victory rolls. I already had the the 50s style dress going on so it felt more than suitable. It's honestly the best I've ever done it thanks to Diary of a Vintage Girl's little tutorial which was ultra helpful! Unfortunately my little digital camera did not do this hairstyle justice, but regardless, I was pretty proud of myself. I added my gorgeous Danys just to update the look a bit. ♥
 I'm having a bit of an urge to make myself some cookies just as a sort of pat on the back to myself for finishing strong with my classes. Thanks to all of you who wished me good luck!

I hope you're all having a lovely day! ♥

currently listening to: summersun- miami horror

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