Sunshine all day

 I love this shirt. When I was younger and would see my grandma wearing it. I would study the patterns all day long until they could no longer hold my attention. I would always take notice of how certain sections reminded me of watermelon. Now I seem to have permanently borrowed it from her and every time she sees me wearing it she reminds me of how she remembers buying it for my aunt when she was 15. I just love clothes with a story.
(shirt- permanently borrowed, pants- h&m, shoes- vintage from little ocean annie)
 Spring break is now over, but my mind still isn't readilly cooperating with this. Mentally I'm still on break, but you know what, that's okay because it keeps me a bit more relaxed. Just as long as I don't slack off, of course. Everything just feels so much better when you're thoroughly trying to enjoy life and be a bit more carefree. Stress just isn't worth it. Instead, ending my day yesterday with cheesecake and great company. Now that's definitely worth it.
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erica marie said...

fun shirt...love all the patterns :) I've been taking life easy too since I've left my job.

Beatrice said...

that is why I love vintage clothing!! they always have stories ^,^
love the many patterns on your top.

Jen said...

Clothing with stories are always infinitely better. I love how you took this shirt and made it your own. The pattern is fantastic! :)

Heidi said...

Love the shirt! Nice print. :)

Mirela said...

Aw thank you dear! Following you to now :)

You look lovely sweetie! :)


Chelsea Lane said...

loving this look. the dark pants set off the gorgeous blouse! the pants fit so well :) adorable photos!


Carla Violet said...

I agree darling that top is pretty indeed! and great story behind it!
and yeah, it's good to just relax and not stress out on a lot of things... but trust me i can't do that cos for me, relaxing would always lead to slacking... enjoy your week!


jamie said...

hey darling!! thanks for visiting my blog! im definitely following you ;) and this shirt is fun and has the perfect colors for spring! you are one pretty gal! i hope that you had a good week so far :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Love the top much! Gorgeous!

Julie said...

That shirt is gorgeous! & What a lovely story behind it (: Love the rest of the outfit as well.

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kate maggie said...

Aw! I love this top so much. I love clothing with stories too, and I totally spot the watermellon! hehe. You look gorgeous lady and I love your blog so much. Tell your grandma she has amazing taste! :) Have a wonderful week! x

Along Abbey Road said...

I love your shirt and that it is permanently borrowed, haha.Your blog is my new crush! My iTunes is going to be amazing because of it!

Let's be blog friends! I'm definitely following!

Along Abbey Road

By Sara Romero said...

thats so awesome that you grew up loving that shirt and now you can wear it all the time and always remember those memories of your grandma. thats true vintage right there. i love your blog, im following i hope you do too :)



Bethany Struble said...

ahh i love that shirt too! clothes are better when they have memories :)

Sabrina T. said...

love your style lady!!i like so much the floreal shirt!!
Follow me if you like my blog?i'll do the same back..i'd be happy to follow each other..i wait u kiss:)


Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh I love that top! Yayy for grandmas having cool clothes! :D

20 York Street said...

Oh my - I love that blouse! The print is fantastic!


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Twenty York Street

Twenty York Street

Ashley said...

Love it! I love a stylish grandma. Mine is, but I don't know if she has many things that are older anymore. I have a few of her vintage scarves and they are love. The quality just seems so much better in well-kept older pieces, don't you think? Today's clothes are overpriced and don't have the same quality.

Sylvie said...

beautiful blouse! you look chic and extraordinary ;)


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