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Goodness, how long has it been? At least a week I'm sure. I've just been a bit of everywhere this Spring break! One of the highlights was definitely Wednesday, taking a trip down to San Diego with my friends Olivia and Oscar.  The first half of it was simply lurking around Downtown San Diego. I had one of the best burgers ever from Nicky Rottens while we were there! Slight rant though, nacho cheese does not belong on chili cheese fries. Just, no.
The rest of the night included heading over to the UCSD campus for a live performance by some great talents.
First up, Pheo and AFTA-1, then Quadron, who I had been dying to see! Coco's voice is just something else. I love it.
 We decided to stick around for CD signing and to chat. These two were just extremely chill- great music, amazing people, do check them out! I looked like a hot mess in this last picture, but it was getting to 12 already, so that's my excuse. I'm just not gifted with the ability to look amazing after the entire day has gone by!
Other than San Diego, I've been pretty busy with my new job and just a few side projects I've been working on. I will be back to my regular schedule this next week though.
Hope you dolls had a wonderful week and are enjoying your weekends! ♥

currently listening to: jeans- quadron 

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SMASH said...

aw fun! UCSD always has good shows (UCI should pick up the pace!) and I actually thought you looked really pretty in the last photo--you have such a nice smile :)

xo, Ashley MILK TEETHS


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