Different tastes, changing shapes

  Just a lazy day of button ups and cut offs and the necessary tights since the air decided to go back to being a bit more chill. I'm not quite ready for shorts without tights yet anyways! There's a lot of mental transitioning I have to do to get to that point. haha

I've honestly been waiting to get myself one of these little cross ties. I was going to make one myself, but it turned out to be a bit of a disaster. I really shouldn't bother with that sort of thing. For me, it's better to leave it to the professionals.
It's funny how tastes change though. When I was in private school years ago I would have nearly died if I would have had to wear a button up completely buttoned up to my chin and a silly little tie thing like this. Now, I could easily make regular use of it. I somewhat blame Gossip Girl for making uniforms look so good. I just wish I would have had that sort of sense back then. But no, I was too caught up in the angsty idea of hating everything, especially uniforms, to even bother with the idea of making it look nice.

Another thing I would have never thought of wearing before- midi skirts! I think they're gorgeous. All these longer lengths are just wonderful and refreshing. That's why I was so excited when I came across these two vintage pleated versions from Persnickety Vintage etsy shop. Especially for only $5 each- such a ridiculously good buy. Her shop is fantastic, I would definitely recommend taking a look!

Hope you're all having a wonderful week so far! ♥
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Aśa :) said...

Spring came, the sun shines for several days. So week is wonderful so far :)

Lea said...

I love the cross tie :) It's so amazing how just one thing in pop culture can completely change our perception of it. I haven't even watched Gossip girl, but I'm totally experiencing the effects it's had on fashion.

+ I also have a new found love for midi skirts. I bought one with the intentions of hemming it, wore it and fell in love :) So swishy and ladylike. Especially with heels.

Jenni Wells said...

your blouse is incredible!!

I have been really into the at or below the knee skirts. They are so pretty.


Ashley said...

Very cute cross tie! It looks good on you. I'm wearing stuff I never would have dreamed of putting on years ago...midi AND maxi skirts being two of those things (I was a big ol' slut wearing mini skirts everywhere, apparently). Your new ones look perfect, and thanks for the link. I'm going to go check out the shop now.

Chelsea Lane said...

ohh I love your posters, and that outfit looks amazing on you. I love the denim shorts, and those midi skirts are gorgeous. especially for such a great price!


AgataP said...

love your blouse and shorts!


Bernadeth G. said...

Love that button up shirt! and your tights too :)

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Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so stunning. x hivenn

hollypop said...

plus, shorts w.out tights means shaving the legs, right? at least, i only shave mine when i don't wear tights. :O
i love the top you've got there, lady!

Anonymous said...

i was browsing through my google analytics and found your blog! thanks for the kind words, i'm glad those skirts found a happy home. and you got yourself a new follower ;)


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