Abstract love

I took pictures other than these two, but of course, they somehow vanished from my camera. That's okay though since it leaves me with less editing and more time to focus on the paper I have due. The same paper that my professor insists that I nearly redo because he knows I can take it into a very interesting direction.
In the meantime though, oh you distractions, you always know how to get to me.
There was so much more to this outfit, including my black boots and leather jacket that were shown in some other shots that seem to have misplaced themselves. But I suppose that leaves all the attention to this pretty little thing I picked up at a thrift store for literally a couple dollars. I was happy to finally be able to wear it after hemming it as the original length really made it a bit too old lady-ish for my liking. I just love the color and abstract pattern that is plenty needed in my closet that has become overwhelmed with black and an assortment of all things striped.

Half way through the week- happy Wednesday, dolls! ♥


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Gorgeous! You are so pretty :) Love your dress and camera <3


elanor, said...

that's a really darling dress. :)
happy wednesday!


Aśa :) said...

You look so sweet. :)))
Weekend is so close. :)

Katrina said...

the dress is really cute! espech its pattern and colour


SMASH said...

this dress is so sweet! the little bow detailing and buttons give it that extra something--a great thrift find!

Bethany Struble said...

oh wow i love your dress! thrift stores are the BEST haha


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