Turn up the Tunes Tuesday (Plus)

  Terrible Things- April Smith
Your Touch- The Black Keys 
Janie Jones- The Clash
Leave- Geographer
Time of My Life- Patrick Wolf 
Holing Out- Yuck
I Look to You- Miami Horror
Black and Blue- Miike Snow
Slow Pony Home- The Weepies

I decided I would treat you guys to a free download of some great music I'd love to share with you every once in a while! I'm big on getting newer or not-so-known artists out there so that's usually what it will be. Go ahead, download, listen, then check her out! Download here.

 What tunes can't you get enough of this week, sweets? ♥
image via flickr


Joanne Faith said...

I saw Miami Horror over New Year's... so good!

Joanne Faith xo

Amber Blue Bird said...

the black keys are on heavy rotation on my ipod, they are amazing. I have been listening to The Civil Wars a lot lately especially the song Barton Hollow.


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