Ready or not

 First day back to classes was this past Monday and this is what I decided on. I really needed a flowery cheering up since I had to wake up at 6:00am as opposed to the usual 9 or so I've become used to, and hey, I have to say it did the trick! Or at least as much that can be done when you're waking up at that hour.
(dress-thrifted vintage, sweater tights- jessica simpson, boots- unlisted by kenneth cole)
The dress was actually originally not so much a dress when I purchased. It was a romper that managed to deceive me until I got home and tried it on. I didn't bother to inspect it much in the store since it was only $3, but it turned out okay anyways since I was easily able to do a bit of cutting and sewing to fix it into my original expectations. Now quite easily one of my favorites!
It's surely starting to look like Spring around here with all the beautiful blossoms, yet I can't say I'm quite ready for it. I'm still not willing to let go of all my tights and sweaters!

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Christine @ Fanciful Vision said...

I'm not ready for Spring yet either (but it still seems very far away for me anyway :P) but I looove the blossoms and your pic is gorgeous :) x

gee said...

ahhh..all my trees are still "dead" around me.
i am so jealous of your blooms... i am SO ready for spring. ugh!!
i hope your classes went well for yoU!! :)
you look beautiful and the colors in your dress of perfect..(i am a sucker for all dresses floral!)

Julie said...

I LOVE your whole look! Especially the tights with that dress. it looks lovely!

Jessica said...

I've been ready for spring for months! And your dress is so pretty and perfect for the new season.

Kellie said...

So pretty Theresa! I love those tights with the floral dress.

Brittany said...

Its so pretty there! You look great, I looove the floral dress and the tights. I know, I'm not ready to stop wearing sweaters :(

elanor, said...

ooh i completely love this dress paired with those tights! so darling. :) the boots are such a great addition too.

i'm ready for weather that I can still wear tights in, but not have to wear thick coats! you know?


Jamie said...

That dress (formerly known as a romper) is adorable!! LOVE IT!


She is Sara said...

You found the perfect thrifted outfit! Even if it was a romper at first. They look so sweet with those tights!!

I want to see your VLOG!!! You need to post it asap!

erica marie said...

love the whole outfit...6:00 is so early, I usually get up at 7 but have been trying to get up at 6 to work in an early morning work out.

Ashley said...

It looks so gorgeous there! Embrace it! Otherwise, I'm willing to trade locations with you at any time.

I love the dress (it was a romper once? Who knew?!), especially the pattern on it. What a great look for your first day of classes! Come sit next to me, grrrl. I help you with your homeworkz.


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