To do

I'm ashamed of how awful of a blogger I have been! I guess I've just been trying to have as much fun as possible before the spring semester starts for me.

Things I need to get done before the semester starts on the 31st:
♥ Dye my hair more red. (Let me know your opinion on this, good idea or bad idea??)
♥ Finish up at least a dozen more of these hair accessories I've been putting together.
♥ Get through the rest of my Nick Hornby novel, High Fidelity.
♥ Start running again!
♥ Go to the optometrist and get some new contacts, and hopefully some new glasses!
♥ Get myself a little weekly planner to keep my jumbled mind organized.
♥ Come up with a really great planned out day before my days will be filled with nothing but school! (Any fun ideas?)

I know there's more- there's always more, but they seemed to have slipped my mind.
What do you dolls have going on this week? ♥

currently listening to: worries- langhorne slim


Rorie said...

A whole lot of studying for s huge test i have in 6 days ugh!

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

i LOVE that picture, and Nick Hornby. Thats for reminding me to read High Fidelity. I just finished A Long Way Down which was pretty good.

Sjaar said...

Fun blog style! I like the picture and your blog lay-out. Good luck with your things to do list! I am curious for more. Keep up!

Ashley said...

YES to dying your hair more red...and you know why! ;) It's odd because I've totally done a lot of these things on your list, and I'm really enjoying them. I started running again after basically not working out for a year and half... surprisingly, I was able to pick up basically where I left off back then. AND, this is my first time ever buying a planner (funny because I'm not in school anymore or anything) and I've really had to force myself to use it, but it's been great so far!

Good luck with all your stuff! I'm not working very much this week so I have absolutely no idea what I'll be doing, but I'll try to make it fun! :)


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