Outfit Favorites & Inspiration

There has been so many wonderful outfits starting off the new year it was difficult to narrow the list down! Coats, capes, jackets, and dresses I wish I had the honor of having in my own closet!  And if you're looking for a bit more inspiration, there's always an ongoing flow of it on my tumblr, including all the oufits I just can't fit on posts like these.
Have a wonderful week, dolls! ♥

currently listening to: la javanaise- madeleine peyroux


Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I love that picture by the Sartorialist! I've got it saved to the desktop waiting to be used for some kind of inspiration. Lovely inspiration pics!

Chelsea Lane said...

ooh, these are just perfect :) I love your finds!



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