Featured Blogger: Elanor from Missing-Lovebirds

 As my first featured blogger of 2011, I am ecstatic to introduce you all to the lovely Elanor from Missing-Lovebirds! I've been following her blog for a few months now, (I'm going to throw out September because I think that's about right) and fell in love with her vintage vibed wardrobe and perfect, cropped shaggy do, which has since turned into a wickedly wonderful pixie cut that she rocks so well! Elanor is definitely one of those people gifted with the ability to mix and match patterns and pieces and make it look impeccable. Not only that, but her blog is always so relatable and fun. A truly gorgeous person in more ways than one! ♥
Give us a little something about yourself. What makes you you?
I'm 17 years old - born in Minnesota, currently living in the San Francisco/Bay Area. I'm a junior at an arts school, and I sing in an advanced chorus and in rockband. I have a passion for vintage and antiques of any sort, and thrifting has become one of my favorite hobbies. I love all things creative and blogging has become a branch of that for me over the past 7 months.

What made you initially start blogging? and your favorite thing about it?
I discovered Lookbook.nu and was introduced to bloggers like Selective Potential and Delightfully Tacky. For the next few months, all I could do was read continuously through their archives then move onto all the other amazing blogs that I found out about thereafter. It wasn't before too long that I thought, why can't I? My absolute favorite thing about blogging is plainly, the community. Not one person has ever been mean, or catty, or rude to me. Everyone is so classy and lovely and their comments are always so encouraging and sweet. The other reasons for blogging, is the inspiration gained from others - and the ability to share your style and hopefully inspire those around you.

What are some of your passions?
As I mentioned before, I have a passion for anything creative. I love singing - from classical to funkadelic-jazzy-nonsense. In fact, I love music in general, as it brings so many emotions to me. Personal style is probably my biggest passion. I love piecing things together till I come up with the outfit I've envisioned. Blogging, too, has definitely become one of my passions, as well as photography.

What influences and inspires the way you dress and what brought about your interest in fashion?
Personally, I don't ever say I have an interest in "fashion", I say I have an interest in "style". But to answer your question - everything and anything influences and inspires me. Other bloggers, vintage magazines and movies, as well as just strangers on the street. My interest was brought up initially, actually, by a girl at my school freshman year. I have never even told her, but she had an interesting style and I attempted to emulate her. From that, I grew and changed and developed a style of my own.

What are some of your favorite blogs out in the blogosphere?
The list would be endless! But I'll name a few! Some of my favorites include, Calivintage, Fancy Treehouse, Lulu Letty, Bleubird Vintage, Flashes of Style, The Upside of Wonder...and so many more.

What item are you lusting after right now?
Currently, I'm desperately lusting after a pair of tall brown boots from Zara, that lace up the front with buckles. They are amazing! I saw them while I was in D.C., but unfortunately couldn't get them for obvious reasons.

What are some of your favorite listens at the moment?
At the moment I've been really into listening to all of Cake's old albums, along with their newer ones. I love their sound and all the quirky instrumentation they've got going on! Another band I'm into right now is Uh Huh Her, with the album Common Reaction. Every song on that album is great. Go listen. :)

 Now if you haven't already, make sure to head on over to Elanor's blog, Missing-Lovebirds, follow, comment, do your thing, and just generally check her out because she is very well worth it! Hope you dolls enjoyed learning about Elanor and reading this interview as much as I did! ♥


elanor, said...

thanks so much for interviewing and featuring me! :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, I love this feature, Theresa - she has such gorgeous style. And what a fun interview!! :)


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