Angel sleeves

I haven't brought out the liquid leggings in quite a while. I happen to be a bit on the curvy side so leggings in general I hold a bit of fear toward if I don't have a top on the provides at least booty coverage! But hey, it's a new year, I'm taking some risks!
(blouse- alloy, leggings- can't remember to save my life, boots- unlisted by kenneth cole)
I fell madly in love with the detailing on this blouse! Scratch that. Everything about this blouse! I found it so funny that that it was described as having angel sleeves for some reason. I'm not sure why though. My sense of humor is so off some times. Since the blouse is rather "angelic" I did decide to toughen it up a bit of course with body-conscious faux leather leggings.
These boots! Love them so much and they turned out to be surprisingly comfortable, which I am definitely happy with. The more comfortable, the more I get to wear them! The only bad part about that is though, the more comfortable, the faster they get worn out because I tend to over wear them if that's possible. Can you blame me though? Shoes are meant to be walked on. Especially when they look this good!
Unfortunately, I only have one more outfit post saved up to share until whenever Oscar gets back from Thailand at the end of the month so he can lend me his camera again. I'm saving up. I'm really trying! I swear I only spent five dollars yesterday on my first trip ever to the flea market when I quite easily could have used so much more! And another unfortunately- I don't get to share with you the few vintage necklaces I picked up for those five dollars! If only an extra couple hundred would just appear in my bank account...

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Ashley said...

I love everything about this! You don't look like you're on the curvy side at all, but the leggings look great on you either way! The blouse is so fun....I'm in love with the giant sleeves, and yup, the detailing is fantastic. Great way to toughen it up a bit, too.

And I'm totally with you on the wishing an extra couple hundred would show up in my bank account! I NEED it right now!! Props to you for trying to save...it's so difficult, isn't it? I've done it before, but never for a long period of time. The most I've gone without "really" shopping is about a month. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE your outfit. ;)

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

What a great top! You look so lovely :)

Britty said...

that top is flawless love love love it! and your boots

gee said...

that blouse is so lovely.
i love this look.
you look beautiful!
have a great week love.

this free bird said...

I love this look - the flowy top and fitted pants are really great on you.

Oh, and the shoes too!

Carrie :)

Alex said...

I can't believe I was not following you before! But I really love your blog and the blouse is beautiful! Have a nice week and a kick-ass year :D

She is Sara said...

Teresa you look amazing! I am loving the entire look! Gwah! I want your shoe collection, you have such an awesome wardrobe, very different from most California bloggers that I come across :)

Brittany said...

thank you! This top is so beautiful I love the detail and the color! Very pretty on you!


Juliet said...

You look gorgeous, the shirt detailing is so pretty and those boots look amazing!

captain kimi said...

your blouse looks truely angelic.
I love your snow script, that's why I use it too ^^

love, kimi

dotty said...

that top is so gorgeous!


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