Yummy holiday outtakes

The most yummy of them all in my opinion would be the new Jessica Simpson Dany's that I got as a gift. I'm so excited to get some use into them! ♥
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Aissata said...

yum!!!! and those shoes are killer


Heidi said...

I LOVE those shoes!! Great gift. And all the treats look yummy! :)

Anonymous said...

Those shoes look amazing! To wear bare legged as well as with tights. They got the "chunk" to em' hehe

Dear, thanks you so much for your comment on my blog. Sometimes I write very personal hints and most people disregard them and just look for pretty pictures haha I was really happy to see you commented! New years resolutions are those I usually never "conquer" lol but this time I'm even painting them pm my wall! lol


Fi @ previously owned

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

Those shoes are gorgeous!
I want those cupcakes! Ah! haha

Erin Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by, glad I could introduce you to Turbonegro :D Your blog is hella cute! New follower!

Catherine said...

yumm! now I want to bake more :)

gee said...

i love those shoes.
drooling over them...
i would def. break my leg though if i wore them.
i am the clumsy person on earth.
have a happy new years!

jamie-lee said...

oooh i agree - those shoes are sa-weeeeet!

eugenialejos said...

thanks for your comment!
Your blog is very interesting!

freesia said...

Definetly a Yummi post, those are amazing shoes!!!

the unique chic said...

Love your blog! The heels are amazing!
Happy new year.
xoxo, LucĂ­a.



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