One wall room

A fraction of my room and my wall of inspiration. Even though the whole little room is covered in pictures and posters and other objects, i can still legitimately call it a wall of inspiration since it's completely round.
It's been raining nonstop. I'm sort of loving it. Except for Sunday when I was driving to my friend's house and missed so many streets I was supposed to turn down because I couldn't see through my windows.
Leg wear has become my ultimate obsession. Especially during these cooler months. Thigh highs and over the knee socks- I'm all over it. These boots saved me from a practically 3 inch puddle I didn't even realize I stepped in today. Yay for dry, warm feet!

I'm a bit picture happy since my friend, Oscar is temporarily letting me borrow his camera. Finally I'll be able to get a new outfit post in! In between all this preparation and planning for the Christmas Party I'm having at my house on Wednesday of course. Plenty of pictures will be shared from that, I'm sure. Especially with the the black velvet dress I got just for it!
How are you dolls spending your lovely week? ♥

currently listening to: england- the national


T.A.P.S. said...

YAY for dry feet.. those boots are not only life savers about absolutely gorgeous.


erica marie said...

I'm loving those boots...and your wall on inspiration. I love seeing what inspires other people. No Doubt is one of my favorites!

Vaiva said...

OH, yes. Leg wear is awesome! I love it! Love the pictures!! have a nice day. xxVaivaxx



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