Dreaming of a white christmas

This was my first time ever going to Disneyland around the holidays. I honestly was as ecstatic as a little girl! The decorations especially all down main street were gorgeous, and Sleeping Beauty's castle... as breathtaking as it possibly could be.
My hair got increasingly worse as the night went on and the number of times we went on space mountain increased. Bangs are just an awful idea when it comes to amusement parks...

I couldn't have thanked my friend Cynthia more for bringing me along. She happens to work at Disneyland and they closed the park down to employees and whoever they wanted to bring with them. It's always tons of fun to feel like a kid, shuffling through nearly nonexistent lines and admiring the never ending array of lights.
I'm not going to lie though, the characters in costume still sort of creep me out.  Especially this Tigger who oddly patted and rubbed my back right before this picture was shot. I know they're just people in costume, but regardless. I could very well just be slightly insane though. Yeah, I've gotten that one before.

Now I can't believe it's almost Christmas! How have you been enjoying your holidays so far, dolls? ♥

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