Usually people talk about things that happen the day after they do, but no, I like to stay out of the loop and put it off for a few days until it is no longer relevant. So yes, Thanksgiving was quite successful. ♥
This year was spent with my mother and that side of the family. It was fun getting to see a few family members who I haven't seen since I was a little girl. There's always the, "I can't believe how big you are now" or the "Oh my, I remember when you were this small!"
Bella roaming around all stylish in her little wind breaker was too cute. I personally think she enjoyed being titled "Reindeer in training."

The food of course was delicious! Turkey, yams, corn, mashed potato and the best fruit salad I've ever tasted. My stepdad has a way with turkey, I swear, never fails.
And this here is my lovely mother, yes, not my older sister.
I just had to stick this last one in there. My grandma sipping away at that strawberry margarita was just too good.


erica marie said...

haha cute pic of your grandma...looks like a great thanksgiving and Bella's shirt is too cute

Anonymous said...

I could not believe that your mother and your grandmother are not your sister and your mother, you know what I mean. You have got incredible genes on that family girl. So lucky. :)

I was just reading what you were saying about the tinkering with html that you did here and I wholeheartedly agree...it really is a process although a very exciting one. :)


Tashrin from Toronto, Canada


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